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My mods and where my rig is going

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This is going to be a long one and I’ll do my best to answer questions if there are any on how I did my mods. 99% of the stuff I have done can be done by anyone and you don’t need a welder or a fabricator. My machine ends up being the prototype and after we figure it out it ends up being nicer on my buddies (we run about 17 of these things amongst us) so you can polish these mods up. We use ours in Nevada so it’s rocks, trails and hunting in isolated areas.

Well I recently got my bevel replaced and basically have a new motor. After 4600ish hard miles I was looking to get a new machine but now I can’t justify it.
I decided all the things I “wanted” to do over the years- I’m going to.

Before I stripped it down I was going to install the Satv heater. Well one panel turned into a project. The dealer stripped out my shifter handle screw so fortunately I figured that out in my garage instead on a trail. When I pulled the console plastic half of my heat shielding was loose and I had a bunch of dry brush packed Under the motor (smoke smell finally diagnosed). So here is my machine before:
Mods, tire carrier, 4 place intercom, glass windshield, golf cart heater, roof rack, soft doors, door extensions, door bags, dome light, radios, 2” lift, 1.5 spacers, rear rack, bunch of lights, 28” tusks. I’m sure I’m missing things.
Here are some pictures in various stages of the build not finished but enough to get an idea.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Car

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Land vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Reflex camera Camera lens

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Car

Hood Motor vehicle Light Automotive tire Automotive exterior
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Crazy looks Great so far! (y) Great pics to go along with you're build.
The temp dropped so I stopped the bed. The plus side is I got the rock (really just party lights) installed after a year of looking at them.
View attachment 66098
Looks good my Rock Lights sat for over 6 months & I just did them 2 weeks ago.
Nice sounds like you're still having fun. Just like a late Christmas lol
It’s funny you say that, the wife bought me that overland/off road awning for Christmas I just haven’t had the time to mount it . I’ll grab some pictures when I get it out of the garage and can actually show something. I was on the fence about mounting one permanently but the thing holds solid. It seems pretty heavy duty and between winter hunts and summer heat in the desert I think it will be worth it’s weight in gold.
The other stuff I bought on fire sales and didn’t have the time to mount up.
Nice it's funny I had a rock light kit for almost a year & I finally installed it on one of the weekends I was off & I said to myself damn I should have done that months ago. It wasn't hard to do just tedious with running all the wires where I wanted them. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated & when you do it's like damn. Lol
That's Crazy but cool have you figured out how much weight you're going to be adding to the rear suspension? Are you going to change you're rear shocks & springs to compensate for the weight you're adding & if you have any passengers or animals you will be carrying? Just a thought? I'm sure you allready have a plan.
Ahhh sounds like you have it thought out & are on the right path. I'm thinking on buying a full set of stage 3 Elkas for my Rig I've been messing around with trying to figure out my max load at times atleast worse case scenario. Usually trail riding it me& one other person plus gear on occasion I have 4 people. I'm working on a swing out spare tire rack for my 34" tire & mounting it to my rear SATV tube bumper that will come in time thoughI kinda procrastinate. Lol But anyway thatcmy plan. Either that or a roof mtd.To keep the weight distributed better.Just the problem is I'm allready sky high. Lol
Awesome thanks for the info on the sare tire carrier. Sounds like you have it researched well will be curious what you think when done. Yeah gonna have to do some saving for the Elkas but I'm sure it will help on the trail & rocks. So far the stock shocks & springs are doing there job.
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