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First you have to use your imagination here as all is just thoughts right now. I have looked at the snorkels others have done for the cvt and the intake. All looks ok but I think I want to modify the design a bit and would like input prior to starting. I do go into some deep water creeks around my place so with that in mind put on your imagination caps and try to picture this.....

Looking at KN Filters as well as others and I do not knock any of them but are pricey. So here goes the thought....

WHAT IF, you did away with the air box in the Teryx, hooked up lets say whatever size pvc (do not know size so lets just say 3"). Hooked up a section of 3"pvc right at the carb intake (whatever elbows etc needed). Then due to sucking through a straw effect you enlarged it to say 4 or 5"pipe to allow flow. 45 degreed that to the back and up behind the seat as normal. You also do this with the cvt covers as already been shown in here.

All 3 pipes go into a made box (thinking 1/4' plexi glass) in this box you can use a standard fit easy to get and cheap KN Filter for the intake side. Imagine a plexi glass box say around 2 foot long by approx 8-10" wide (whatever accommodates the KN filter). This box is open facing forward for the intake side like a ram air system. Inside it has 2 dividers for the CVT pipes coming up which well face rearward instead of forward.

All pipes are in the box, this box sits right below the rear top bar, attached to it.

Now why? Well thinking is after jetting/ exhaust/ cdi the intake side in the open air will produce a bit of forced air while being high enough not to allow water. The CVT well also be well in the air, all in black pipe, Plexi painted black as well. All pipes have drains at the low ends.

My main concern here is air entry, do you think I will starve it due to sucking through a straw or is the idea of making the long travel pipe over size the answer.

This same principal has been used on auto forced air (ram air) systems for a long time just not sure if it sounds workable on a Teryx...

I do not like the idea of cutting/sealing a hole in the top of the air box, possible leak, this 100% eliminates that.

Ideas Please along with possible jet sizes for the extra forced air..

Love this thing, wife and I go all over around the homestead, have 1000 acres of asst'd places to play here....

:butt1: Purchased, here and/or ordered. Viper 4000, Bed rails, Total under Armor, Rear Bumper, 5 Panel rear view, Graphic kit (own design), Roadrunner Horn kit, Tube Stereo system (homemade), Gibson muffler, second battery with add on running lights, undercarriage lighting. Jet kit and CDI to be decided on...

Sorry for winded post....

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One way to find out--may want to setup an engine temp sensor to monitor before and after mods results. Pvc is cheap so finding out is easy. Watch plugs after mods to unsure no internal overheating you could not see with the temp monitor/s.
Oven temp monitors are cheap at mall kitchen outlets. Some have multiple thermocouples to monitor more than one location.
This may also help with the loud air intake /cab situation at lower speeds I've noticed.
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