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I have been lurking on this and the Rhino forums for a while trying to decide between the Teryx and the Rhino. I made up my mind and picked up my Teryx yesterday. It is the base model in green. I have put about 1/2 hour on it so far by my house but so far I really like it! It is registered for the street as well but I still need to get the lighted license plate frame, mirror and horn to be legal on the street. I have been riding at the Glamis dunes since 1985 but I also ride the AZ trails in the desert and mountains.

Here are my plans right now for the Teryx:
- Street legal kit (horn, billet mirror, LED license plate holder)
- Different offset wheels and wider tires to widen the stance a bit more. I would like the to be able to fit on a future suspension kit.
- Full custom 4 seat cage and top
- BS Sand or PRP front and rear seats
- 4 or 5 point harnesses
- Custom paint
- Winch
- Custom front bumper
- half doors or leg minders
- New steering wheel
- Digital dash from LE if it works in the base
- Cup holders from the LE
- CDI once all the bugs are worked out and there are more to choose from
- Air Intake
- Full exhaust
- Clutch mod if it give significant performance improvements


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Welcome man,I hope to join the ranks before long.
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