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Rear CV axles popping out

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Hey y’all. I just put super atv arched a-arms and Hester edition elka shocks on my buggy, super excited to test her out ! Buuuuut lol went about 200 yards in the trail, I heard something so I went back home, parked it and saw the 1/4” gap where the axle pulled away from the rear differential. So I pushed them in and took it back into the trail for the same distance, once again I parked the buggy and the axles pulled away again lol.
Any suggestions out there on how to remedy this problem ?
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Have you tried manually pulling on the axles and see how easy they pop out? Mainly wondering is the C clip is engaging.
Thanks for the idea, that may have been it.

So I tried putting the spacers on the outside of the axle to the inside to push the axles back, however it seemed too tight and I didn’t want to force any problems. I put the axles back the way they came and rode it around the trail at my house and this time only one axle popped out 1/8” so I slammed it back in with my hand , rode it again and it didn’t come out. Went on a 5 hour ride Sunday and kept an eye on it, but it never came out. So either you are correct or everything had to settle and adjust to its new positions. I’m just glad it’s good to go now!
Glad you figured it out. Hopefully either the c-clip was stuck or maybe just a little residue or dirt in the groove that wasn't letting the c-clip expand back out.
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