So, I had a 2014 Teryx4 for one weekend, put 200 miles on it at Hatfield/McCoys and it performed awesome. Problem is, my vertically challenged wife couldn’t reach the pedals so it had to go and I have to find something she can drive. In anticipation of keeping it, the Rhino Axles we’re bought while the other parts are just spares.

Rhino axles (New). UPS didn’t handle them very well so the boxes were torn open. Upon inspection, the axles are fine.

Rear Superatv high clearance 1.5” a-arms. (Used) Welders special. Some mount holes are elongated and one appears to have a crack.

Bandit shocks (3). Used. Guy gave them to me for spares. He couldn’t find the 4th one. Rebuilds are necessary.
Just throwing out a number of $400 for everything, plus shipping. If you don’t want it all, I have no problem separating it. Just let me know. I have no use for any of it anymore so throw me some offers. I’m in southern Maryland if you want to pick it up. Text me at 252-617-six four three two. Make an offer or to see more pics.