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Riding spots/events happening in the fall near the east coast?

Reminiscing on our time out in Florida a couple months ago has us dying to get out somewhere soon!!

Where is everyone headed to these next couple of months? Any big events we should be at? Let us know in the comments below!!


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If you guys are looking for "big" events in the coastal states, you should check out the UTV Takeover this weekend in VA. Its probably the biggest event on the east coast, and they put on a great event. Any holiday/event weekend at Busco can also get huge.
Hadn't heard of UTV Takeover but looks awesome and I'll be checking YT vids of it when I get home!
I did not know Barrel Racing was a thing but now I want to do it!!
PS> VA is showing as next weekend 28th

Busco is a fun ride every time but I've not been for an event or large crowds.

I'm hoping to experience HMT Trailfest one of these years. Maybe even this year eh @VirginiaHawk ???
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