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I would be knowing this now. You can hit or clip and obstacle anytime offroad.

I have ridden trails not new to me and still hit some unknow obstacle near the side of a rail bed trail. A big clump of grader deposited earth or small bolder, occasioinally a hidden deep hole. I have gone back to see what I have hit but never clear. I now drive closer to the center of the trail as a lot of those items are in shaded areas and not obvious. The impact felt like the right front wheel bottomed out the suspension on impact each time. Not bent etc but unnerving when it happens. It doesn't sound like the Teryx is supported enough for that as some other are like my older wolverine 700 handles.

SuperATV has then although knowone has posted a set installed which is what I'd like to see in advance. I am not certain the bolts through the frame without additional brackets are sufficient though. A wrap around or capping bracket should likely be required bolted in place. But just me and my thinking.
Maybe you should actually go buy a Teryx already. Shit or get off the pot?
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