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Just replaced Ball Joints in my 17 Teryx 4 and thought I would share some tips if you don't have a press. I'm going with Super ATV high clearance arms and wanted new Tie Rods versus using the old stock ones. My press was in the back of the garage and I didn't want to fool with it.

Here are a few tips.

1) Buy a 36 MM deepwell impact socket in 1/2" drive from Home Depot or Menards of where ever. Should cost about $12
2) Pull the rubber boots off the Ball Joints and set the aside
3) Take some 120 grit sand paper paper and hit the outside of the Ball Joints and inside of the control arm pocket a few times
4) Place Ball Joints in freezer overnight. This will shrink the steel a few thousands. Doesn't sound like much but makes a TON of different
5) Get some axle Grease, a 25" long piece of 2x4 and a good mallet

Get 1 control arm ready and set the arm with the ball joint insertion side up on the 2x4 (for bottom control arm set the bottom side up and for the top set the top side down)
The 2x4 should only be supporting the end of the control arm. The only purpose of the 2/4 is to stop the paint from getting all jacked up
Support the other end of the control arm (where it connects to the mounts) with something so the end on the 2 x 4 is sitting nice and firm
Put a dab of axle grease on the inside of the Ball joint pocket
Go get (1) Ball Joint from the freezer and place it inside the 36MM deepwell socket... The socket will sit on the "rim" of the balljoint and the threaded stucd will sit in the inside of the socket.
Set the ball joint into the control arm pocket with the socket attached
Make sure it is as straight as you can get it and hold the socket firmly. Give the socket a firm whack with the mallet. Check if it is start. If not give it 2 more sold whacks.
After 3 or 4 whacks it should be started. If it looks a little sideways don't worry. Just whack the "high" side of the socket a few times and it will straighten out. Whack twice and check progress.
Keep onto until Ball joint is firmly seated in pocket.
Put C Clip on backside of Ball Joint. Replace Rubber Boot and retainer clips

Move onto other control arms and repeat.

All 4 took me maybe 45 minutes... this is the easy way I have found... Hope it helps.

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I have a balljoint installation kit (basically a big c-clamp with multiple size cups), or can rent one for free from most auto parts stores. I did grind out one of the cups a little to not hit a part of the arms. When installing with the balljoint press I still use some heavy taps with the hammer periodically as it helps seat and "relax" the metal some.
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