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Ok I am still waiting on my Camo Le to come in, but I want to put on some rims and tires but I don't want to kill my performance. My question to the group is:

1. How much does the weight of the tire and wheel affect all around performance and top speed?

2. How much does your wheel and tire combo weigh in at on each corner?

Example would be Terra Cross mounted on 26-11-14 mounted on SS108 8 inch rim? I ride on river bottom sand, dunes and dirt trails and I like the looks of the Terra Cross and Bighorn Tires. The SS 108s look like they would be lighter than others but I haven't seen a weight on rims yet. I want to be able to slide the Teryx around and think the 14 inch rims with the wide offset would work the best for that. What do you think?:shout1:
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