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I've been running a set of 30x10-14 Crawler XG's for a couple of years and just picked up a set of used 29.5x10-14 Terminators as a second set. Thought people might be interested in pictures and comments about these. So here is the complete history of the tires on my machine which is a '15 T4 LE.

Started out with the factory 26" Bighorns and as typical had leaks on two of them after the first real trail ride. The punctures were really small but would cause the tires to go flat overnight, and actually would have needed to be reamed out quite a bit for a plug. Put some Slime in them and no issues. Decent all-around tires but swapped them out for something bigger not to long after buying the machine.

Set #2 was a used set of 28x10-14 SuperATV Intimidators on 5+2 STI beadlocks. Decent all-around tire but on the heavy side. Did great in sloppy terrain, no real deep mud-bogging but spent a lot of time on greasy mud. One park is all snotty clay and you could pretty much point the tires in any direction and they would pull you out of the ruts. Ran places like Windrock and Rush with more rocks and they are okay but milder tires obviously did a little better. This was with a 2" Highlifter bracket kit with preload turned slightly down (rig sat a little lower), swaybar disconnected, and 2" spacers. Slight rub in the front when turned and flexed. Even though only 6 ply these tires are really stiff....they could be almost flat in the garage and you couldn't really tell. I ran with a RZR 900XP and a RZR4 900 with 30" Crawlers on some trails that had really loose terrain and I could walk right up some hills where they were spinning and one had to winch, but other way around in other situations. Below is a pic of the 75% tread 28" Intimidators versus the 90% tread 30" Crawlers.

28" Intimidators on 5+2 wheels w/ 2" spacers, 2" lift and stock arms.

Set #3 was a used set of 30x10R14 Crawler XG mounted on the same 5+2 STI beadlocks. Mainly wanted to go to a 30" tire, and was looking for something a little more multi-purpose and lighter (little better on dry terrain and rocks). Was about ready to buy a set of Carnivores when these popped up locally pretty cheap so gave them a try.
They work really good on dry dirt and wet or dry rock...noticeably better than the Intimidators. The 30" Crawlers were a good bit bigger than the 28" Intimidators. I went with Bandit shocks at the same time and even with the preload turned way up could not clear them on the front and had to get SuperATV offset arms before I could actually trailride it. Eventually went Highlifter arms in the rear. Been to Brimstone several times and these tires do great in the rocks. When I first bought them my thoughts were to run them for a little bit and maybe sell them and buy Carnivores or something slightly more aggressive (bought the Crawlers cheap enough I could have re-sold them for a slight profit). However they work so good on rocks I decided to keep them.........however they are horrible in the mud or other slick conditions. At the more local parks that are greasy clay it's actually frustrating to run them after having the Intimidators. I was getting stuck and sliding off the trail left and right to the point I finally left earlier and haven't been back if it's wet. Based on that I started looking at getting a second set of mud tires, and originally considered getting a set of cheaper 30" muds for the factory 12" rims. However there are not a lot of options out there for 12" rims, either new or used, and wasn't really impressed with those options.
30" Crawlers on 5+2 wheels and 2" spacers with Bandit shocks and stock a-arms.

30" Crawlers on 4+3 Tusk Uinta beadlocks

Set #4 - After several months of keeping on eye out I found a like new set of 29.5x10-14 Terminators local for pretty cheap. I had also been interested in going to a 4+3 wheel to make the machine a little wider when in the rocks, and happened to have a gift card to a SxS store that would cover most of the cost of another set of beadlocks. So picked up the Terminators and mounted them on my older 5+2 STI beadlocks, then ordered a set of Tusk 4+3 beadlocks for the Crawlers. I have not been on the trail yet with the Terminators but just cruising down the neighborhood street they don't ride that bad and don't notice any power loss.
29.5" Terminators vs. 30" Crawlers (both mounted at 10 psi).

29.5" Terms on 5+2 beadlocks with 2" spacers


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